Ümit Erzurumlu

Ümit Erzurumlu, born 1974 in Sivas, is a well-liked artist with his futurist style on his paintings. He began to be interested in art when he was in primary school. He started painting in the ateliers of various artists with the help of his father when he was twelve years old. He
entered the department of Graphic Art at the Faculty of Fine Arts in Marmara University in 1992. During the time he was studying at the university, he took courses on print painting from Mustafa Aslıer and Fevzi Karakoç. He set up his own atelier in 1996. His style was
regarded as cubist from 1999 to 2003 but afterwards, he began to use asymetrical images and centered on visualizing dynamical perception. His paintings took shape in a different way of expressing more dynamism by showing interest in the correlation of colour, form and line. Especially fragmented forms fused with the represantation of movement became prominent
on his paintings. Soon his works were defined under the titles of futurism and cubo-futurism. His oil paintings and works of print painting which were exhibited in the group exhibitions opened in the Library of Celcus in Ephesus in 1997,1998,1999 and 2000, took their place in the 60 private collection of different countries. Some of his paintings have also been included
to some private collections in Turkey. In 2016, one of his paintings exhibited in Paris was selected for the Unesco works of art collection and finally in 2018; he was invited to VI. International Painting Biennial of Guayaquil "Alvaro Noboa Ponton" which was held from April 26 to May 28 to represent Turkey. He has been painting in his own atelier in İstanbul for 23 years.

Solo Exhibitions

2011 Düş Yolcusu Sanat Durağı Art Gallery ISTANBUL
2012 İSO Odakule Art Gallery ISTANBUL
2013 Düş Yolcusu Sanat Durağı Art Gallery ISTANBUL
2013 Artist 2013 Tüyap Art Fair (Düş Yolcusu Sanat Durağı Art Gallery)
2014 Güneş Sigorta Art Gallery ISTANBUL
2015 Düş Yolcusu Sanat Durağı Art Gallery ISTANBUL
2016 Le Carre 52 PARIS
2018 Galeri Eksen ISTANBUL